MixC Shenyang

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MixC Shenyang

As Shenyang is one of the biggest economic developed centers in northwest China, it was important to integrate parts of the Shenyang Sustainable Cities Program. As part of the cities vision, it required policies to be put into place to increase housing densities with improved livability , organise housing to alleviate crowding and improving the quality of life (Sustainable Shenyang Project Office, 1998). A solution to overcrowding was modeled on the township village found in rural green belt. MixC Shenyang is seven levels of retail, office, residential and hotel designed as a multi-phased development over 20 acres (Lobo, 2014). It features an internal wintergarden which allows light to access within, and also becomes a unifying part of the development but is targeted towards the middle to upper incomes (RTKL, 2014).

Area: 510,967 m2

Phase 1: Retail & Entertainment (Cinema & Icerink), Office spaces
Phase 2: Residential apartments, office and meeting spaces,
Phase 3: Hotel & winter garden (Contends all HOPSCA elements)

MixC is located within the high density district of Yumin Cun where Planning has created a policy of ‘Urban Villages’ to cope with the rapid expansion of the area and to aid in community planning.