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HOPSCA has been coined as “a city within a city”. HOPSCA is a form of mixed use planning born out of the China development boom of the 1990s. HOPSCA is an acronym for Hotels, Offices, Parks, Shopping, Convention centres and Apartments. The concept of HOPSCA is gaining recognition as a legitimate planning tool outside of China. It has been in use since the 1990s and favoured by architects and urban designers worldwide.

HOPSCA differs from Master Planning, TOD, traditional CBD (Central Business District) models, New Urbanism and Smart Growth in distinct ways. HOPSCA was driven by an identified market niche to co-locate specific uses: These uses are desirous to co-locate because of their compatibility.

The thesis proposes to consider how HOPSCA could be realized in South East Queensland under current legislation. Further the paper will discuss the desirability of creating a ‘city within a city’ and its relevance and application in the Australian context. The research for the thesis will be undertaken between July and October 2014 with delivery on or before 29th October 2014.