Eyes On the Street: The Fenway Multi-Use Path Inches Eastward

Construction is underway on a new one-block section of the Fenway Multi-Use Path, a project intended to connect the Emerald Necklace to the fast-growing neighborhoods around Kenmore Square and Fenway Park.

The new path segment (illustrated in the map below as the dashed line) runs one block from Miner Street to Maitland and Overland Streets, near the Lansdowne regional rail station.

Bike infrastructure in the Fenway neighborhood as of fall 2022. Light lines indicate physically-separated on-street bike lanes and thicker lines indicate off-street shared-use pathways. The dashed line between Miner and Overland Streets is a new segment of the Fenway multi-use path that is currently under construction.

The project connects to another path segment that runs behind the Landmark Center complex and opened last fall. That segment, which runs along the Green Line tracks east of the Fenway stop, currently ends at Miner Street:

The eastern terminus of the existing Fenway multi-use path at Miner Street. A construction project in the distance will extend the pathway one block further east towards Kenmore Square.

A third and final phase of the project – still awaiting approval from the MBTA, which owns the right-of-way – would extend the path under Park Drive and into the Riverway path network, giving bikes and pedestrians a much safer route than the at-grade crosswalks at the Park Drive and Riverway intersections.

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