Streetsblog Chicago’s 2023 Municipal Election Guide

The Chicago municipal election will be held on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. Early voting is available at two locations downtown and at one site in each of the 50 wards. Find your sample ballot on the Chicago Board of Elections website.

To help voters make an educated decision, Streetsblog Chicago has been running a series of articles on mayoral candidates’ transportation platforms, and aldermanic hopefuls’ responses to our questionnaire. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we do not endorse candidates.

Below are links to our coverage of the mayoral candidates’ and aldermanic hopefuls’ positions on walking, biking, transit, traffic safety, and affordable housing issues matters. If a mayoral candidate’s name or a ward doesn’t include a link, that means Streetsblog did not receive a response to our request for info from that mayoral hopeful, or responses to our aldermanic survey from any candidates in that district.

Mayoral race

Kam Buckner
Jesús “Chuy” García
Ja’Mal Green
Sophia King
Lori Lightfoot
Roderick Sawyer
Willie Wilson
Paul Vallas
Streetsblog coverage of the WCPT mayoral forum
Streetsblog coverage of the Access Living forum on disability issues
Streetsblog coverage of the Safe Streets for All forum on livable streets issues
Streetsblog’s humorous overview of the hopefuls transit platforms as literal transit platforms

Aldermanic races

Find your ward here.

1st Ward
2nd Ward
3rd Ward
4th Ward
5th Ward
6th Ward
7th Ward
8th Ward
9th Ward
10th Ward
11th Ward
12th Ward
13th Ward
14th Ward
15th Ward
16th Ward (Streetsblog coverage of a 16th Ward candidate forum)
17th Ward
18th Ward
19th Ward
20th Ward
21st Ward
22nd Ward
23rd Ward
24th Ward
25th Ward
26th Ward
27th Ward
28th Ward
29th Ward
30th Ward
31st Ward
32nd Ward
33rd Ward
34th Ward
35th Ward
36th Ward
37th Ward
38th Ward
39th Ward
40th Ward
41st Ward
42nd Ward
43rd Ward
44th Ward
45th Ward
46th Ward (Streetsblog coverage of a 46th Ward candidate forum)
47th Ward
48th Ward
49th Ward
50th Ward

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